Film Action Fund

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The Nashville filmmaking community is experiencing widespread economic shut-downs due to COVID-19. In response, NFG 501(c)(3) is launching a fund to provide financial relief to the hardest hit support crew during these pervasive job cancelations. We’re asking for tax deductible donations to send aid to the most heavily impacted crew, who are the lifeblood of our film community. Our sets wouldn't function without their dedication. It's time to show how much we care.



Are you support crew in need of financial support for lost work? Please click below to fill out our relief application.


How are you managing funds distribution?

Here's a look behind the scenes at are our application review process:

• Once an application is received, Phase 1 NFG Staff assemble the information, verify personal identification, assess job loss documentation, confirm unemployment application, and evaluate risk level & urgency.
• From there, Phase 1 Staff either approve the application for Phase 2 review or reject the application if the required criteria aren't met.
• Next, Phase 2 Staff double verify all application data and reach out to the required hiring contact to verify the claimed canceled work.
• If approved, Phase 2 Staff qualifies the application for a $600 one-time stipend.
• Funds from the GoFundMe campaign are distributed to NFG through the Paypal Giving Fund -- only available to verified charity organizations -- on a monthly basis.
• Funds will be distributed to approved applicants through digital means as soon as NFG receives the monthly payouts. All records of funds activity will be available upon request. 100% of funds go directly to applicants in need. NFG is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) and will retain no administration fees.