‘Healthy On Set’ is a collective effort of Tennessee Filmmakers to face COVID-19 challenges head on by sharing leading approaches to set safety that encourage a responsible return to work. These Nashville Filmmakers Guild guidelines were made possible through coordination with the Tennessee Entertainment Commission, local Unions, vendors, and over 100 contributing companies, department heads, cast, and crew. As a community, these ideas represent a consensus view on the value of having clear and consistent methods to sustain workers' safety and economic feasibility.


We acknowledge there is no one size fits all approach. Every production company should develop their own published safety guidelines pertaining to their unique situation. The same responsibility for awareness and compliance holds true for every person on set. Utilize these guidelines before production starts, to coordinate and communicate a clear plan of action to all involved.


Keep in mind, without reliable testing and vaccines, even careful measures are imperfect. Prior to immunization and widespread testing, there still remains a risk that people are asymptomatic or presymptomatic carriers. Until we have a cure, these guidelines exist to heighten awareness, not relax our response.

All information is principally reliant on Federal, State, and City health policies and timelines. Any economic activity and worker requirements must progress or regress accordingly.

DISCLAIMER: This is a living document that will change as circumstances develop, based on Federal, State, and City guidance.




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