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John Paul
director, editor
I am a Nashville native, which according to the many new people I meet, makes me a unicorn of some kind. I fell in love with filmmaking by watching the Discovery Channel (not a joke) and eventually pursued “serious” college study at Vanderbilt. I developed a profound appreciation for editing, and seeing as I was immediately unemployable upon graduation, I started as a production assistant and soon became an assistant editor in a local post house. My most recent position in the hierarchy was Senior Editor of On-Air Promotions at a cable network called FamilyNet (in association with Sony Pictures Television) which mostly featured classic programs (such as Starsky and Hutch, Bewitched, and All in the Family). However, I am now a freelancer and enjoying it. Aside from editing, I’m not too shabby at motion graphics either, but my first love is directing. Stemming from my near decade in post-production, my superpower is understanding how to direct and not screw over an editor. In my off time, I enjoy listening to music non-stop, drinking really good coffee, and spending time with friends.
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