Creating opportunities through development funding


The TFL Development Grant was established to help filmmakers achieve success with their film projects through development. However, there are many more benefits!

The TFL Development Grant generates high quality IP (Intellectual Property) within the state of Tennessee

The TFL has developed relationships with sales, business and financial companies that promote proven practices performed by Hollywood studios

As the process of development continues, so does the need for more professionals and creatives to fill the need.

This fund helps generate business for supporting industries in the state of Tennessee such as legal, financial, marketing, digital, and more!

The grant provides sustainability by offering a profitable method in which creators can sustain a living and produce content that an industry can support.

The TFL grant is expandable. As the grant grows, so does the number of projects that can be initiated, thus growing the motion picture industry within the state of Tennessee even more.


  • Grants will range in size from $20,000 to $35,000 per project. Grant amount will be determined by the final script analysis report.
  • Applications are accepted via electronic submission only.
  • Application fee for each project is $50 for those who hold a membership with the Nashville Filmmakers Guild. Non member fee is $75.
  • Application must include a screenplay and a project vision statement from the writer or director. You are welcome to include any and all relevant links to prior work in the cover letter.
  • There is no limit to the number of projects you may submit however you must apply individually for each project.
  • Applications must be received on or before the deadlines and application fee payment must be made in full at time of the submission.
  • All application fees are non-refundable
  • All submitted material must be original, and all rights must be wholly owned by the writer(s).
  • Material must be submitted by the author or owner of the material. Material written by writing teams must be submitted by one of the writers, with consent of the other(s). All writers must be credited on title page.
  • Substitutions of either corrected pages or new drafts of the entered material are not allowed. Please proofread your script very carefully before submitting.
  • Contact information may be included on the cover page of the screenplay, however it is not required.
  • Recipient(s) of each funding cycle will be announced and notified approximately 6 weeks after the application deadline.
  • Recipients agree to include a replenishing fee to the TFL Grant Program should their production receive at least 85% of their production budget.


  • You must be a resident of the state of Tennessee and have held residency for a minimum of 12 months before applying for the grant.
  • You agree to have your production staffed by Tennessee residents only.
  • You agree to have at least 50% of your production locations within the state of Tennessee.
  • All applicants bust be 18 years or older.
  • All material submitted to other grant programs are not eligible unless they are designated for production or post production only.
  • There are no requirements as to when the material was written.
  • Material should be submitted in standard screenplay format, font, spacing and margin.
  • We have no preferences regarding title page content. Title and name of writer would suffice.
  • Adaptations are ineligible unless the underlying rights are owned by the writer or director or the work is in the public domain. A chain of title must be able to be presented showing ownership.
  • Screenplays must be in generally accepted industry-standard formatting as a PDF file. Any popular software may be used for formatting, such as Final Draft, WriterDuet, Celtx, etc.
  • Documentaries (shorts, series and features) will not be considered, only feature film screenplays at this time.
  • All material must be submitted electronically as a PDF or it will not be eligible.


submission dates

Open submission dates are August 3, 2019 through November 30, 2019.


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