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NFG exists to empower filmmakers to grow, give, and create.

There is a movement of dedicated Tennessee filmmakers happening NOW. NFG is stepping up to become a loud voice with a unified, qualified, and inspired collective. By empowering creatives to grow, give, and create we aim to foster a sustainable film community in Tennessee.


Whether you're new to motion pictures or are a seasoned pro working in the industry we aim to be your resource in Tennessee!


Our workshops and events are designed to help you learn a new skill, expand on your current skill sets and grow your network of creatives and future collaborators. Educational topics from film financing to full frame cinema cameras we strive to have something for everyone.

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NFG is not just about being inward, serving our own members, but we look outward and donate our talents within the community to help foster the spirit of collaboration and growth. Thus, StoryGive was created.

The Plug

Joel Edwards

Owner of Evolve IMG

Nashville is one of the most unique & distinct cities in the world. The artist/entrepreneur spirit here harbors some incredibly talented & un-tapped creative minds which is why we’re thrilled to be part of the NFG community. Their goal to foster and provide a meeting place for these talents is what Nashville was in desperate need of.

Zack Coyle

Lucky 27 Productions

Anytime I have reached out on NFG for any help, I’ve always had multiple people come to the rescue. Thank you! I’m happy to be a part of this community.

Max Butler


NFG has been a great resource for bringing our community together both online and in person!

Bob Raines

Executive Director - Tennessee Entertainment Commission

The Nashville Filmmakers Guild plays a pivotal role in the cultivation and sustainability of our emerging production community.   Focusing on industry based networking, workforce training and project realization,   the NFG is a destination for anyone  with a  desire to contribute as well as learn.

Nick Ingram

Snapshot Interactive

The Nashville Filmmakers Guild lead me to meet several key people who have had a great impact on my career. We’re incredibly fortunate to have such an incredible resource locally in Nashville. You can tell NFG really cares about the community prospering.

Jeff Venable


NFG is not only a group for talented members but a collaboration and sounding board for people who are creating in Tennessee.


Help build a sustainable and viable motion picture industry in Tennessee

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